Insomnia in pregnancy: what to do?

Insomnia in pregnancy: what to do?

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L'insomnia in pregnancy it is anything but rare and is usually due to factors such as hormonal changes that occur physiologically in this particular period of life.

According to a recent study conducted in 2018, for example, it seems that 44.2 percent of women suffer from insomnia in pregnancy during the first trimester. Although the study concluded that insomnia is more likely to occur in those who have sleep problems even before becoming pregnant, however, anyone can experience sleep disturbances during "pregnant".

Moreover, insomnia tends to worsen as pregnancy progresses, but it can occur at any stage. But what are the causes of insomnia in pregnancy? And what can we do to be able to counter this phenomenon?

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What causes insomnia in pregnancy?

Insomnia can result from feelings such as hunger, nausea, anxiety or depression. Levels of the hormone progesterone are elevated during the first trimester and this can cause drowsiness during the day.

Aside from hormonal changes, factors that can worsen insomnia include:

  • feelings of need for food;
  • intake of spicy foods, which can cause digestive problems, especially if consumed close to bedtime;
  • nausea;
  • anxiety or depression;
  • physical discomfort;
  • frequent bathing;
  • "restless legs" syndrome.

Other less obvious causes are difficulty breathing, which sometimes affects a person's nocturnal breathing during pregnancy.

How to remedy insomnia in pregnancy

To remedy insomnia in pregnancyObviously, the best thing to do is to talk to your referring doctor.

However, below we wanted to try to share some simple home remedies, which in most cases will allow you to do without the use of products that, in pregnancy, it would obviously be better to exclude.

Make the right habits to fall asleep

Start by assuming habits that they will make it easier to fall asleep, giving signals to the brain that… it's time to go to sleep!

Therefore, try to sleep only in bed and not anywhere else, waking up and going to sleep at the same time every day. Again, try to keep the bedroom dark and cool, to make the bed as comfortable and inviting as possible, not to use screens while in bed, such as those on telephones or television.

Additionally, get up if you can't sleep after 15-30 minutes, limit caffeine before bed or eliminate it altogether during the day, limit fluids in the hours before bed, or take a nice warm bath.

Try dietary supplements

Pregnant people they shouldn't use dietary supplements without first talking to your doctor. However, herbal and dietary supplements can help you sleep, such as those that contain melatonin.

Obviously, we reiterate once again how important it is to talk to your doctor, avoiding any kind of “do-it-yourself” temptation!

Use relaxation techniques

There meditation it can help with insomnia in pregnancy, because relaxation exercises can help calm an anxious mind.

People can experience progressive relaxation, which involves slowly and steadily relaxing each muscle in the body one at a time, starting with the toes. Or you can try one of the many meditation techniques at less reach at many yoga & co centers. of your city.

Remember, for example, that a 2015 study that appeared in the journal Obstetric Medicine stated that meditation can help insomnia in pregnancy. The study specifically stated that meditation is a non-pharmacological way of managing insomnia and that prenatal hatha yoga can significantly help improve sleep efficiency.

Of course, more studies are needed to make the above a "definitive" recommendation, but many women find great use in trying yoga.

Follow cognitive-behavioral therapy

A model of cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia it can help people manage their thoughts and feelings about sleep, while changing their daily attitudes.

Therefore, it is a particularly useful therapy for "treating" people with severe sleep deprivation, causing them to get better sleep. It can in particular help a person understand their insomnia, speak through emotions that play a role in insomnia, make healthy changes that reduce insomnia.


The physical needs of pregnancy, together with constant weight gain, can make it difficult to maintain the physical activity that you used to do before the start of this sweet expectation.

However, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, there are many benefits in exercising even during pregnancy, such as a lower risk of gestational diabetes, lower back pain, a concrete improvement in heart health.

Not only that: thephysical exercise, if delicate, it can also help with insomnia. Any physical exercise during pregnancy must in any case be accompanied by the recommendation of a doctor, given the sensitivity of your condition.

However, it may well be useful to recall that a 2016 study from the Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences already suggested the need to exercise at least 30 minutes a day, 4 - 6 hours before bedtime.


In conclusion, let's remember how insomnia during the early and late stages of pregnancy is common and does not indicate any "anomaly". A large part of women experience this condition which, in most cases, is transient.

However, if you feel that this condition is particularly troublesome and is affecting your quality of life, we suggest you talk to your doctor: with proper treatment and lifestyle changes, such as exercise and therapy, a woman can being able to overcome insomnia during pregnancy. A doctor may also be able to help identify causes and help people find more targeted solutions.

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