Island of Sustainability: acting for the planet

Island of Sustainability: acting for the planet

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Island of Sustainability is an initiative created to promote sustainable development in the environmental, economic and social fields through non-profit activities of study, scientific research and support for innovation.

The Association that created Isola della Sostenibilità is non-political, independent and non-profit and the Technical committee which carries out addressing, promotion, strategic and operational consultancy activities is composed of:

  • AENEAS (National Body for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development)
  • CNR (National Research Council)
  • CREATE (Council for research in agriculture and analysis of the agricultural economy)
  • ISPRA (Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research)
  • Roma Tre University
  • Sapienza University of Rome
  • Higher Institute of Health

Island of Sustainability: the event in Rome from 4 to 7 September

Isola della Sostenibilità, from 4 to 7 December, arrives in Rome, in the spaces of the Slaughterhouse of Testaccio (Piazza Orazio Giustiniani, 4), with a great event to promote Sustainable Development!

Four days of popular talks, interactive workshops, experiential activities aimed at students, civil society and sector technicians, scientific exhibitions and shows to disseminate, educate and inform the new generations on Sustainable Development.

Three thematic pavilions for an interactive and immersive path: "Understanding and measuring the problem " with the activities of the Italian Space Agency; you can observe the Earth from the dome of the International Space Station, within the "SPACE ITALY ". The flight simulator will allow you to understand the surveillance and environmental monitoring activities of theair Force.

The second pavilion, dedicated to "Acting for an efficient use of resources and a low carbon society" will feature talks and workshops proposed by ISPRA, SAPIENZA and ROMA TRE with activities focused on circular economy, use and use of plastics and new technologies.

The CREATE instead, it will propose a focus on methodologies for the reuse of agro-food by-products, to start new sustainable production processes, from an economic, social and environmental point of view.

Finally, in the area "Prepare for future scenarios", the CNR will present a workshop on the problem of water scarcity and theHIGHER INSTITUTE OF HEALTH it will deepen the relationships between health, climate change and ecosystem services.

The Goals of the Island of Sustainability

The aim of the event is to tackle very topical issues and involve students and the general public on the consequences of Climate Change, inform them about the problems connected to it, communicate the solutions to be adopted and direct them to new job opportunities.

This 6th edition, with the involvement of MIUR, MIT, Lazio Region is Rome capital city, will focus in particular on issues related to Goal 13 of the UN 2030 Agenda:Acting for the Climate, take urgent measures to combat climate change and its consequences. "

On the occasion of the event, Grammenos Mastrojeni, President of Isola della Sostenibilità and Deputy Secretary General of the Union of the Mediterranean (UfM), launches an appeal to young people: “Friends of the Fridays, it is right to demand that our future be protected: but to do it well we need to know and understand. Join us in Isola della Sostenibilità, where we face problems and solutions all together ”.

Each activity proposed by the Research Bodies involved, the companies and all the partners in the event is focused on a specific theme, with the priority of focusing, in a concrete way, on the most urgent and most felt problems. Partner of 2019 too Assoutenti, which will organize the second edition of "EXPO CONSUMATORI" with a thematic area in which we will talk about legality, consumer protection, consumerism and solidarity, with our eyes always on the subject of sustainability.

Among the appointments on Saturday 7 November also the talks of CICAP that will accompany children and the public, on a journey through vaccines, buffaloes, ghosts and submerged worlds.

How to participate

Joining is easy and free: you only have to register on the official website of the event by following this link:

The numbers of Isola della Sostenibilità

The 2018 edition of the Sustainability Island recorded more than 18,000 attendees, 180 didactic activities presented and 65 participating institutions. This year, with the traveling national tour "Climate of Change", the aim is to do even better by exceeding the threshold of 20,000 admissions.

To get an idea of ​​the many visiting opportunities, you can watch this video which shows some of the 2018 initiatives:

Sponsor Companies and Media Partners

Among the sponsoring companies of the event ACEA will present the innovative AceaSmartComp e project in an exhibition area LIDL will talk about his commitment to sustainability and the fight against food waste.

COREPLA will instead propose the show "Magicamente Plastica" to raise awareness among young people on the importance of recycling plastic correctly.

Our IdeeGreen S.r.l. Benefit company is media partner of Isola della Sostenibilità together with Radio Dimensione Suono Roma.

Video: Galapagos Islands - The Most Sustainable Destination in South America (July 2022).


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