Tricks for not touching mouth, eyes, nose and face

Tricks for not touching mouth, eyes, nose and face

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It is an automatic reflex and we probably weren't even too aware of it before the Coronavirus forced us to notice it. Yes, we get there often hands on face during the day, for no particular reason, perhaps while we speak or while we reflect, when we are undecided or nervous, or if we think we have something out of place. Today we find ourselves having to correct this reflex to safeguard our health and not for a mere reason of aesthetics or non-verbal communication. An article with the title "Tricks to avoid touching your mouth, eyes, nose and face " at the beginning of 2020 it would have seemed almost absurd while now it is useful to our eyes and could give us some clever ideas to change an unconscious and difficult to correct gesture tout court, after a life that we do, often without knowing it.

Today the World Health Organization that we all try to listen to in order to understand how to defend ourselves from contagion, puts among the first tips it provides precisely that of "Don't touch your face with your hands ", is one of the priority measures to be adopted as well as that of "Wash your hands well", always to avoid Covid-19 risk. In spite of the many disinfectants, which are certainly needed, not putting your hands on your mouth, eyes and face in general is one of the best ways to stay healthy.

If you're convinced you don't do it often, hear what she found the University of Sidney: on average, an adult human being does it 23 times an hour, in a day therefore, we remove 7 hours of sleep, it would be nearly 400 times. We endanger our health 400 times every day… don't you think it's time to change habits? that's how

Tricks for not touching your mouth

The first useful thing to do is try to identify the moments in which we touch our mouth. This way we can be more careful not to. Awareness is always the essential first step to change, even in small gestures. There are those who touch their mouth out of nervousness, or when they are undecided, or when they are thinking and torture it with their fingers. Let's learn to torture the edge of the dress, an object we have next to it, a ballpoint pen or a piece of paper, or let's buy an anti-stress ball of the cloth ones with flour inside, which we can also do alone, but away our hands from lips and surroundings.

Another time when the hands go to the mouth it's where you bite your nails. Here, whoever does it and wanted to stop, today has found the right motivation to do it because it becomes a risky gesture, to be eliminated. Women can try nail polish, which sometimes works, there are many methods, identify yours and apply it with determination.

Tricks for not touching your eyes

Also in this case let's ask ourselves why we carry the hands to eyes. Do they burn us? Are they dry? Or are we very sleepy and struggling to keep them open? It is less common for nervousness to touch your eyes, it is more likely that the cause is physiological and it is better to identify it to defuse the mechanism. If we fail, it may be appropriate to have an eye exam or check that there is no need to use eye drops, or to rest more at night, or even to spend less time in front of the screen. For example, if you use it a lot, perhaps even in the evening, it is not the best, also because in addition to ruining our eyes it also disturbs the rhythm of sleep.

Tricks for not touching your nose

The nose does not need to be touched, as a child you put your hands in your nose but it is hoped that this habit will be overcome by adulthood. We touch our nose out of habit, it can be a gesture of insecurity or we think we have a bad nose and this thought draws the hand there. Among other things, consequently also the eye of others, so it is not a good tactic! A trick can be to say "I'm touching my nose"Every time you do it, after a while we will get bored, we will get bored, and we will stop. Similarly, every time we touch it, we can force ourselves to touch our ears three times and our feet once. The same mental mechanism will soon lead us to self-block before placing our hand on our nose again.

How not to touch your face in general

The WHO advises us not to touch our face in general, so we can commit ourselves to keeping our hands away from our faces, even if we are not the ones who touch our mouth, nose or eyes repeatedly and for no good reason. Being a useless but compulsive gesture, we can work on the awareness of our gestures and our body through meditation practices that are easy to approach and very useful also for our serenity. There Mindfulness first of all, highly recommended, also to better experience this historical period.

Another interesting trick is to put memos in the place where we most often notice that we do this forbidden gesture. For example in front of the computer or a book. Let's put a post it that invites us to "not touch your face". Yet another trick is to use a cream, spread it on the face and when we touch it, we will notice it and gradually we will stop doing it to avoid having “greasy” hands in the least opportune occasions.

Accessories for not touching your face

Here is a list of accessories that we have mentioned that can give us a hand to solve this problem and also unexpectedly others. It will end up that by not putting our hands on our faces for the fear of the virus, we will become better people in a wide range.

  • As an anti-stress ball so as not to torture his mouth, and especially the lips, I recommend these, nice and very colorful, also excellent for children.
  • For who wants stop biting your nails, but with class, and also saving yourself from the risk of coronavirus, there is this assorted set of semi-permanent nail polishes.
  • And those who choose to solve the problem in a radical way, going to the hypothetical cause and investing in their own personal growth, he can read this wonderful booklet that will help him day by day to have greater awareness of his little big gestures. A Mindfulness Workbook

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