Why is Facebook addictive? - Reveal the truth

Why is Facebook addictive? - Reveal the truth

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Facebook is the social network par excellence. Many of us are on the platform daily. And in fact longer than we should. Regardless of our responsibilities, many times we simply cannot stop going down the general gaze. Getting to lose a possible productive day.


From at intervals of a few seconds. One more image. One more gif. One more video. And when we find out, the day is over. Worse even we come to realize while it happens. But somehow it costs so much to stop ... This happens to a lot of people. To a greater or lesser extent, a large percentage of those who use the platform. But why? The reality is that it has a reason for being. And it is not by chance at all. Facebook knows it and in fact Facebook makes it happen.

Our privacy

To understand it we have to clarify that Facebook has a lot of data about each one of us. Not only those that we put when registering. Like our name. Document number and age. Rather, it collects data from everything we do. Our talks our publications. Our messages. Comments and our modes of use. With these simple words it does not seem so impressive ... perhaps it does not sound so striking this way. Facebook lists only some of the information it retains. Let's see the following This information is used among other things to give us publicity. People who pay for advertising can decide what they post to target. These options are not simply place of birth and age group. There are many, so the advertisements reach the people who are supposed to be interested in these topics, but well, why is Facebook so addictive?

It happens that the social network in addition to collecting these hundreds of data also collects our actions. Our customs. What kind of publications images we usually link. Share and comment. What videos we usually watch. For how long. How long we stop to see certain images on the Facebook wall. Based on all these data, it shows us what the social network knows that we are going to stop and observe. It is simply defining what type of publication we spend more time on even though we have responsibilities. What kind of posts we can't ignore no matter what we have to do. And simply put many similar publications. The funny thing is that although we know that this is so. Many times we cannot stop. Because they are not exactly Facebook topics. they have to do with our interests. with our typical actions. comment on what those interests are. those issues that you can't ignore as much as you want. Our hours of use. The publications with which we interact the most, the most we click, videos, phrases, images, pages and a great etc. Precisely for this reason we do not see everything that we could see. Not everything appears on the wall. Not everything that our contacts posted. All the pages we liked. All the groups where we are ...

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