Shamsung the little Skunk. Teach them with a story

Shamsung the little Skunk. Teach them with a story

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Shamsung the Little Skunk is a book for young and old.

As inhabitants of this planet we have a commitment to the environment, that is why we must bet on environmental education, and that more than starting it from an early age with our children, guiding them on the path to a sustainable future, which helps them understand how our Actions have a direct impact on our environment.

Shamsung the Little Skunk, is a book for young and old. It is the story of a baby skunk, who loses her family, and travels through different countries in search of her. During its tour, the exquisite landscapes, with their flora and fauna, are described, in this way, children, youth and adults, through the description, will go on a beautiful journey through various and wonderful places on the planet. Areas devastated by environmental disasters, their causes and consequences are also described.

Shamsung the Little Skunk is a beautiful story of friendship, hope, courage and determination.

The book written by Indira Geovana Bush Tapia was published by universe of letters publisher, and you can purchase it at the following link:

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