Homemade smoked salt

Homemade smoked salt

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Homemade smoked salt: smoked salt recipe and advice for use in the kitchen. How smoked salt is made, how it is used, food combinations and properties.

Smoked salt, use and recipes

Thesmoked saltis great forrecipesbased on fish, to give an extra touch to potatoes and to add salt to certain first courses.

Thesmoked saltit has a typical aroma of wood and resins, also useful for giving additional thickness to game and game. Not only. Inrecipe by Benedetta Parodi, presented with an old episode of "Benedetta's menus" aired on LA7, it showed the use ofsmoked salton tuna tartare. Tartare is a preparation of minced (raw) fish or meat. In Benedetta's recipe the chopped fresh tuna was placed in a daikon (ramolaccio) slightly hollowed and seasoned with toasted pine nuts, chopped celery, extra virgin olive oil andsmoked salt. Also excellent on crustaceans and seafood.

Don't worry, there is no shortage of simpler recipes for using smoked salt in the kitchen. Among the first courses, you can use it to salt the farfalle with zucchini flowers or the classic carbonara.

Smoked salt, how it's done

As described, the smoked saltit sees multiple uses, however, due to its high cost, however, some might be tempted to use it sparingly. It is for this reason that we will give you thehomemade smoked salt recipe.

Let's move on to see how to prepare smoked salt at home. Here is the procedure.

In a bowl, prepare a brine with water and salt. Add the salt until saturated, that is, until it is no longer able to dissolve.

In a jar or old pot, put some untreated wood chips. Possibly use shavings of oak, juniper, eucalyptus, walnut…. Avoid resinous woods (fir, pine ...) and especially woods of toxic ornamental plants (oleander). Be sure to use untreated wood.

Ignite the shavings. Small pieces of seasoned wood will suffice. Do not use too fresh wood otherwise combustion will not occur spontaneously.

When the shavings start to burn, cover the jar. The smoke will have to remain trapped inside. With a game of skill you will have to quickly place the brine in the jar containing the smoke. Alternatively, you can draw the smoke with a large syringe and inject it into the container containing the brine. This procedure must be repeated over and over again.

At this point, you can let the water evaporate spontaneously in the sun and recover the large salt crystals as occurs in the salt flats. Or, you can heat the brine in the oven and extract the smoked salt from there. A few minutes at 180 ° C will suffice.

Smoked room, how it's done

As an alternative to the above procedure, you can put coarse salt on a sort of brazier where you will burn the wood shavings. Warning! In this case you will have to keep the smoke away from the salt. These two elements, in fact, must never come into direct contact as shown in the following video where it is explainedhow to make smoked salt at home.

Smoked salt, where to buy it

If you prefer to buy, choose a smoked salt with preparation which respects the ancient Viking traditions. If with the Preparation maid we can be moretolerant, with the purchase of a finished product we must become more demanding!

Where to find smoked salt? In the most popular grocery stores or by taking advantage of online shopping. On Amazon, among the various best products we point out the Maldon smoked salt. As stated, the purchase cost is not very low: a 125 g pack can be bought at a price of 7.08 euros with free shipping.

For all information, I refer you to the page:Maldon Smoked Salt

The reported salt was smoked in oak wood.

Regardless of the product you buy, choose a smoked salt prepared with the use of oak and / or juniper wood. These fragrances are perfect even for the most demanding palates.

Video: Homemade Smoked Salts - The Natural Way! (July 2022).


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