Giacimenti Urbani in Milan, the fifth edition kicks off

Giacimenti Urbani in Milan, the fifth edition kicks off

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Urban fields returns from 18 to 22 November 2017 to talk about the circular economy in all its phases of the cycle: from design to upcycling to the recycling of materials.

The event will take place at theCascina Cuccagna of Milan, on the occasion of the European Week for Waste Reduction, in order to raise awareness of consumers, institutions and businesses on the environmental, economic and social value of the economy.

Donatella Pavan, professional journalist since 1998, engaged for 15 years in the dissemination of sustainable culture and creator of Urban fields, he claims:

“With the 5th edition of The Circular Market of Urban Fields we want to highlight the close link between the circular economy and the fight against climate change. In Europe, in fact, of the 16 tons of raw materials consumed on average by each citizen, 6 become waste and half of these ends up in landfills with obvious repercussions on climate-altering gas emissions, as well as the failure to recover the raw material.

A real loss also in economic terms. According to the study McKinsey Growth Wit hin: A circular economy vision for a competitive Europe commissioned by Ellen McArthur Foundation the circular economy could generate a growth of 1,800 billion between now and 2030, or double compared to the forecasts of the traditional economy ".

The "Urban Fields" Association it is based precisely on the principles of cooperation and respect for the environment, the territory and people, with the aim of developing the "Circuit of virtuous activities". It is a map showing all the places in the Milanese city - shops, parishes, libraries, etc. - where it is possible to recycle, reuse, share and repair objects.

This is to make the most of waste and promote social cohesion. Because waste, if managed well, can turn into precious resources for everyone!

Circular market of urban deposits: scheduled events

The event program, which will be held from 18 to 22 November 2017, includes exhibitions, meetings and workshops open to all. The central theme will be energy efficiency and the culture of reuse, recycling and repair.

Why participate?

Within the circular market of Giacimenti Urbani you will meet professionals and companies who work with biodegradable and compostable materials and who deal with upcycling, take-back and recycling of materials. It will therefore be an excellent opportunity to participate in the workshops, learn about books on the circular economy and understand the potential of waste in everyday life.

Among the scheduled events we point out:

November 18-19: Bookcity appointments, meetings, workshops

Future city manifesto: architecture, city and territory towards the Green Economy, with Anna Parasacchi.

- Neomaterials in the circular economy, published by Edizioni Ambiente, with Anna Pellizzari and Marco Richetti

COP23: what has been decided to do against climate change? with Andrea Di Stefano president of Cascina Cuccagna and director of the magazine Valori and Stefano Caserini, climatologist.

- The results of Quartieri Ricicloni - Suburban deposits, winner of the tender of the suburbs of the Municipality of Milan, with Gabriele Rabaiotti, Councilor for Public Works and at the House of the Municipality of Milan.

Restart-party, repair of electrical and electronic appliances under the guidance of a tutor.

- My garden between heaven and earth, edited by Aboca with Luca Mercalli.

November 18-22: the three exhibitions

- The eternal return, in nature there are no waste but only resources. In particular, we will talk about biodegradable materials already available on the market as an alternative to critical materials, by Giacimenti Urbani.

- 21st Century Beach, photographic exhibition dedicated to marine litter by Rosanna Maiolino.

- Brandalism at Cop21 for COP23, 30 works of Guerrilla art created by European artists on the occasion of COP21 2015 in Paris.

All appointments are open and free.

For more information, visit the website: or send an e-mail to: [email protected]

Curated by Christel Schächter

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