Westphalian Hound

Westphalian Hound

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Westphalian Hound, a Hound, small but very skilled and at the same time very rare. With the exception of some enthusiasts who raise it elsewhere, it is found almost only in its region of origin which also bears its name. In the original language this dog is called Westfälische Dachsbracke, looking at the images the most experienced eyes will realize that it is "German Hound" in reduced scale. The hypothesis on which almost all dog breed experts converge is that the Westphalian Hound was born from the cross between this breed and the "Dachshund".

Westphalian Hound: Character

Brave at work, despite its small size, this Hound is considered one of the best hunters, specializing in wild animals. He is intrepid and very dedicated to work, he never backs down and interacts very well with his boss, creating a partnership that gives satisfactory results. At home, in the family, with people he knows, he is affectionate, loves being with children too, it is intelligent and never short-tempered, perfect even in the role of companion dog.

Westphalian Hound: cuccoli

The puppies of this hunting dog of small size they are even smaller, we take into account that when adults they reach a maximum height of 38 cm at the withers.

The structure of this animal is sturdy, the trunk is of moderate length and is none other than a "mini" "German Hound", with small morphological differences that make it more powerful in appearance. The snout of the Westphalian Hound is narrow and elongated with a dark nose. The ears are of medium length and close fitting to the head, the eyes are dark in color, clear and with a friendly expression.

THEThe fur of this Hound is very coarse, everywhere, like a true hunting dog that resists the outdoors even in bad weather. IS' short and very snug on the head, on the ears and on the lower part of the limbs while on the back, on the neck and on the underside of the tail it is slightly longer but never too much.

Between colors allowed by the standard, there are those that go from red to yellow, the specimens then always have the typical saddle or coat and white spots like the Bracchi, and also a white stripe around the spindle, the classic white collar as well as the bib and the ends of the tail and limbs.

Westphalian Hound: breeding

This breed was born in Germany it is not yet widespread in other countries but it was officially recognized by the F.C.I. who placed it in group 6, that of hounds and dogs for a blood trail. The origins are very ancient, to be looked for obviously in Westphalia, then this hound developed mainly thanks to the benevolence of the Germanic royal courts and the first standard was set in 1910.

Westphalian Hound: price

A puppy with a good pedigree of Westphalian Hound in Germany costs like that of German Hound, about. If we look for one in Italy, and we find it, the price could be much higher because this is in our part breed is considered rare. And the law of the market raises the figures.

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