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Certification CE, introduced in 1993, was used to accelerate the establishment of the single European market envisaged by the EC Treaty. It can be assumed that the symbol with which the CE certification, designed by Arthur Eisenmenger, derives from the European Community abbreviation, but this is not the case, it is however a mandatory marking for all products of various sectors that are subject to a Community directive.

When we see the CE certification, with its CE, it means that a certain product complies with all the obligations incumbent on its manufacturers or importers and therefore it is allowed to free marketing in the European market.

CE regulatory certification

In order to market a certain type of product in the countries belonging to the European Economic Area, it is mandatory that it has the Certification CE. "Some directives may exclude the affixing of the CE mark on some products - the legislation states - in this case these products can circulate freely on the European market if they are accompanied, for example, by a declaration or a certificate of conformity".

For products from construction, machines, devices for electromagnetic compatibility, pressure systems, medical devices and other sectors, the CE Certification is mandatory and it is important to specify that, if it appears, it is absolutely not certain that the production took place in the EEA area. The marking confirms that this product complies with the required European regulations, including those on safety.

CE certification: cost

There is no fixed cost for CE Certification, it is the recognition of a number of characteristics which, to exist, require a certain effort on the part of producers. Difficult to calculate how much it costs to produce something compliant with European regulations compared to something that does not respect them.

It is important, when making such a calculation, to also think about economic damage that you can have when you are with a product that cannot circulate on the European market. We may have produced it cheaper but probably we will have a hard time selling it.

CE medical certification

THE devices for in vitro medical diagnosis, as well as active implantable doctors and doctors in general, they must have the CE certification in order to be used and traded in the countries belonging to the European economic area. It is not the only kind of product that is so restricted but there is certainly a high alert threshold in verifying that these rules are respected.

However, it should be remembered that the CE marking is not mandatory for all products, only for those of certain categories including that of medical devices. We likewise find elevators, machinery and weighing instruments but also consumer goods such as toys, computers, cell phones and light bulbs.

CE certification: windows

Even the windows must have the CE certification as construction products, the same applies to all eco-design objects of products related to energy consumption as well as, remaining in the building environment - furniture, refrigerators and freezers for domestic use.

Ranging into other product categories always with mandatory CE marking, we find gas appliances, cableways for the transport of people, for example, as well as vertical road signs and hot water kettles fueled by liquid or gaseous fuel, weighing instruments and personal protection, pyrotechnic or radio devices.

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