How to do separate collection

How to do separate collection

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How to do separate collection at home,symbols, waste list and collection by material (plastic, aluminum, glass, paper, organic and undifferentiated or dry). The most common mistakes not to make to dispose of waste correctly.

Separate collection is a duty of every citizen but many people, in good faith, continue to do soerrors in disposing of waste. In this article we will try to propose a list, rejection by rejection.

How separate collection is done

There differentiatedis a system of solid urban waste collection to be diversified for each type of waste (for example aluminum, paper, plastic, glass, wet, etc). Unfortunately, it is not always done in the correct way: the fault of the lack of information and alas, sometimes also of the laziness of the citizen. Let's see in detail how to do separate collection correctly giving you all the information about it. If you want to know how to get rid of laminated paper in a virtuous way, read thededicated article.


Do you know the rules and active methods of separate collection in your municipality of residence? The municipality generally provides a poster or a calendar with all the necessary information and the days in which to deliver the waste if thedoor to door collection.

If you are new to the place or have not received it, request one from the competent offices of the municipality, or download it from the official website of the municipality itself, usually a pdf version is available that you can print.

By now, in most of the municipalities of Italy the door-to-door separate collection, take note of the methods and days of collection.

How to do plastic recycling

Generally, containers intended for plastic are green, but since it is not always so better to make sure that the corresponding label is affixed to the bin. In many municipalities, as regards plastic, there is no special container and the user, to confer theplastic waste, must collect them in a semi-transparent bag, to be deposited directly at the collection site (under the house, on the adjacent sidewalk, at the condominium collection point ...).

Thereseparate collection of plastic it is the one that most often misleads the user, that's why we deal with it first!

There plastic to throw away it must be compressed to the maximum, so as to take up less space: crush bottles, flacons and packaging.

Eliminate any paper labels present on the wrapper and any other non-plastic element.

What to throw in the separate collection of plastic? Here are some of the most common items you can recycle:

  • all plasticized packaging,
  • detergent bottles,
  • bottles of shower gel and shampoo,
  • yogurt pots,
  • cream containers,
  • polystyrene,
  • plastic bags,
  • bottles,

In general, thetetrapakand aluminum cans (beer cans, carbonated beverage cans, tuna cans, food canned goods…).

In the plastic, you don't have to throw other objects likebasins, microwave containers, silicone molds, children's toys, rigid plastic material that does not have a special symbol.

The symbols of plastic to separate waste well

THEplastic wastethey can count on a specific symbology. The image below shows thesymbolsof theplasticthat can be disposed of in the recyclable waste of the "separate plastic collection“.

  1. PET or PETE
    Plastic material: polyethylene terephthalate or arnite. Material used for water bottles, shampoo bottles and beverage bottles.
  2. PEHD
    Plastic material: high density polyethylene. Mostly used for detergent bottles or yogurt pots.
  3. PVC
    Plastic material: polyvinyl chloride. Mainly used for food containers.
  4. PELD
    Plastic material: low density polyethylene. Used for food bags to freeze food.
  5. PP
    Plastic material: polypropylene or moplen. Used for food-grade bottles, such as ketchup containers or bottles used for cosmetics.
  6. PS
    Material: polystyrene or polystyrene. Trays of cold cuts, TV packaging and other electrical devices.

Recycling, glass and cans

Generally, glass and cans are collected in a single bin but this depends from municipality to municipality. In many Italian cities, the collection of aluminum is carried out at the same time as that of plastic. Find out from your local council: you will probably have to insert aluminum foil, aluminum containers, canned goods and cans together with the plastic bottles. This waste must also be deprived of any labels and non-recyclable parts.

What to throw in the glass container? All glass jars and food cans, glasses, jars, etc. However, do not confuse glass with pyrex, a mirror or crystal, they must be disposed of in different ways. If you have broken a "glass" oven utensil, that does not go into the glass collection because it is not ... it is pyrex! It throws itself into the undifferentiated. Ditto for crystal glasses or old light bulbs.

How to do paper recycling

The paper and cardboard to be disposed of should preferably be clean. Green light for pizza boxes, after removing organic leftovers.

Remember that the laminated card should not be thrown away with the card. Same goes for baking paper. Milk cartons (Tetrapack) must be collected together with the plastic.

Recycling, the humid

All food leftovers, fruit and vegetable peels, coffee grounds, bags of tea and herbal teas, spoiled foods, paper napkins and flowers belong to the wet category.

The containers intended for the wet are generally brown in color. Do not forget that the humid can not be thrown away every day, but only at specific times of the week at set times. It is also very important to remember that only biodegradable trash bags should be used.

Recycling, the undifferentiated

In this bin, which in many municipalities is still present with the classic rectangular model of gray metal, all those products that are normally not recyclable must be thrown away.

Among these we have plastic plates, glasses and cutlery, old CDs and DVDs, toys, bags for vacuum cleaners, etc.

Don't know how to dispose of a certain object? Call the competent municipal office and get advice: a small gesture can be worth a lot.

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