How to get tested for HIV, important tips

How to get tested for HIV, important tips

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We explain to you how to take the hiv test, how you contract HIV and how to protect yourself from contagion in the event of sexual intercourse with HIV-positive and risky behaviors.

Please note: this article does not in any way replace the doctor's opinion.

HIV is the retrovirus that causes AIDS.HIVis the acronym ofHuman Immunodeficiency Virus.Let's talk about the Agent responsible for theacquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

HIV: how is it taken?

How do you get HIV? The virus has several modes ofinfection(transmission), the most widespread is for sexual way. The infection occurs through the exchange of certain body fluids.

The infection can happen with the saliva? No, a simple kiss is not enough. Saliva is not one of the body fluids responsible for the infection. What are the liquids responsible for the infection?

  • Vaginal secretions
  • Seminal fluid
  • Blood (transfusions, exchange of infected needles ...)
  • Vertical transmission

With the vertical transmission the passage of the hiv virus it happens from mother to child. Transmission can occur both during pregnancy (by trans-placental passage), during childbirth and / or during breastfeeding.

L'hiv you can contract it through any kind of sexual intercourse, including anal. The mucosa of the rectal area has a rather thin epithelial barrier that allowsvirus inoculation due to microlacerations triggered by the same act.

Can oral intercourse also cause the infection? Oral sex is the least at risk, however there are cases of contagion linked to the presence of ulcerations or micro-lesions (invisible to the human eye). During vaginal intercourse, men are less at risk of contracting thehivfrom an infected woman. Conversely, a woman is 20 times more at risk of becoming infected because the infected seminal fluid remains in the female body for a long time.

How to protect yourself from the hiv virus

For protect yourself from hiv It is important to use a condom and above all to know the medical situation * of your partner. There are also other good preventive means such as:

  • Check that any sharp or piercing instruments used by medical personnel have been sterilized. This applies to the dentist as well as the tattoo artist!
  • Avoid exchanging razor blades, needles, syringes or any tools that may come into contact with blood.

* For the right to privacy, in Italy there is no obligation to externalize one's serological status to the partner / partner as long as preventive measures are implemented (use of condoms). Therefore, no person's serological status can be disclosed.

How to take the hiv test

Thelab testit is done by taking a sample of blood or saliva. Thediy hiv testyou can buy it at any pharmacy or on Amazon. TheHIV self-diagnosis test allows you to get a result within 15 minutes.

The hiv test for self-diagnosis, it must be carried out carefully following the instructions in the purchase package of the same. Tests typically come in sealed pouches. How to do it? Taking a sterile needle, that's enoughprickfingertip and take a drop of blood. There drop of blood it is transferred to the detector strip which is placed in the reader as shown in the illustrations above.

At the time of purchase of the hiv test, it is important to make sure you buy a product with the EEC mark or with ministerial specifications. Among the varioushiv testavailable on the market, we recommend that you purchase the one produced by Biosure for its ease of use. This hiv test can be bought on Amazon at a price of 34.95 euros with free shipping. For all information, please refer to the official Amazon page: Biosure with the CEE mark.

TheHIV test resultit is 99.7% accurate. An accuracy close to 100%. Other hiv tests, albeit with ministerial reference, reach a reliability of 98.9% (which is why we have reported the one with the EEC mark).

When to take the hiv test?

You can undergo the test at any time but you must consider the inoculation times and therefore the life cycle of HIV itself. In our organism the anti-HIV antibodies they usually appear after 30 or 60 days from infection, in some cases the test shows a seropositivity after 90 days. For this reason, in case of previous risky behaviors, it is good to carry out the test after the first, second and even after the third month from the last risk of contagion.

In case ofpositive hiv test, contact your doctor immediately and perform a laboratory test such as the latest generation Elisa Test or a molecular biology test for HIV (PCR).

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